ComfortBilt Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stoves

ComfortBilt Ceramic Igniter for Pellet Stoves

$114.90 $99.99 Save $14.91  

Replacement Igniter for ComfortBilt Pellet Stoves and Castle Stoves

Works with the following models:

HP21, HP22, HP22iHP22NHP50, HP61

In an emergency, your stove can be started without and ignitor.

We have created a video to explain this option. It's located in the "other" section of the our videos webpage.

Check out the video here.

*Disclaimer for retrofit/upgrades - Please Read Carefully before purchasing:

There may be some troubles when retrofitting these to existing stoves with steel igniters.

The issue is with the tube itself.  When the holes were drilled in the side of the tube, it may have left a ridge or burr on the inside that can catch the body of the ceramic igniters, and prevent them from seating all the way in and flush as it should be. (See pics).

Running a rounded metal file on the inside of the tube from the back end to smooth out those burrs should enable the igniter to seat flush with the back end of the tube.

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