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For years you’ve put your trust in Comfortbilt.  We’ve established ourselves as a top brand in the pellet stove industry, and you’ve been with us every step of the way.  Throughout the years, we’ve been steadfast in the pursuit of delivering our core value - “Building Quality Comfort”.  We’ve done that by listening to our customers, and delivering high quality pellet stoves at an incredible value.  As part of our continuous improvement, we are introducing our new line of wood stoves and gas stovesCarolina wood stoves are beautiful, robust, and of superior quality, made right here in the USA.

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Rebates & Credits
Save Money
Maximize your savings with ComfortBilt pellet stoves and enjoy a multitude of benefits.
Take advantage of the 30% IRS Federal tax rebate available on all our pellet stoves, allowing you to save even more.
Experience the warmth, efficiency, and cost savings that come with our pellet stoves while enjoying the added advantage of significant tax incentives.
But that's not all – we offer free shipping within the lower 48 states, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective solution from start to finish.
By switching from fuel oil or propane to pellets, you can enjoy substantial savings on your heating expenses.
Experience superior heating, increased efficiency, and significant cost reductions by choosing ComfortBilt.
Upgrade your home's heating system and embrace the financial benefits that come with ComfortBilt pellet stoves.
Take the leap and experience the ComfortBilt difference today!
Rebates & Credits
Add Style
Transform your living space with ComfortBilt's timeless and stylish pellet stoves. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes that perfectly complement your home decor. Add a Hearth Pad for both style and safety. Experience the warmth and elegance of ComfortBilt, and create a cozy atmosphere that truly reflects your personal style.
Hearth Pads
Customer Support
Join a family
Experience exceptional customer support at ComfortBilt. As part of our family, we prioritize your satisfaction with prompt and reliable service. Trust in our commitment to excellence. Find a trusted ComfortBilt dealer near you for a seamless buying experience.
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Up to Date Information
Stay Current
Stay informed and empowered with ComfortBilt. Access our comprehensive documentation, manuals, and informative blog articles to optimize your pellet stove's performance. Get valuable tips, troubleshooting guidance, and safety information. Stay current with our blog articles for an enhanced heating experience. Trust in our commitment to providing the resources you need.
One Stop Shop
Simplify Life
Experience the convenience of ComfortBilt pellet stoves seamlessly integrated into your daily life. With easy temperature control, hassle-free operation, and hands-free automatic ignition, our stoves simplify your heating routine. Elevate your home's comfort and efficiency with ComfortBilt's convenient heating solution. Trust us as your one-stop shop for all your heating needs, from piping to replacement parts. Experience the ease and convenience of ComfortBilt.
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If your looking for a stove check this company out. They have outstanding customer service and truly care about you as a customer. After talking to them a few times with questions before I hit the buy it now button I felt like we were family.

Dale Helmstadter

Absolutely love my insert .... amazing customer service... great company !!!! Thank u guys for all ur Dedication on great products ... my whole house is 82 -84 on level 1 , had to turn the blower down on setting 1.

Jordan Hardwick

Just bought one about 3 months ago and my husband loves it! Very pleased with our stove. Fast shipping too. Highly recommend this company

Denise Page

Purchased your HP21 last spring and have been enjoying it this winter. Burned wood for 23 yrs, wish we would have switch to pellets much sooner, so easy and clean compared to wood.
I work in the mechanical maintenance field and very impressed with the build and design of your stove, great stove, well done.

Steven Kjeldgaard

Love our HP50 , keeps us very warm . So glad we bought it .

Dorismae Shaw

76 inside here in Maine on level 2. Great stove and incredible customer service. I would more than highly recommend one of these stoves. My family thanks you.

Kevin Alley

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