why Choose a comfortbilt pellet stove?


Comfortbilt was established in 2013 by owner/operator Glenn Turley, with focus and dedication on providing excellent customer service and offering great quality products at a reasonable price. This has led Comfortbilt to be a leader in the pellet stove industry and beyond.

Comfortbilt is dedicated to creating the highest quality products, including some of the best pellet stoves on the market,  that are both reliable and user friendly to operate. With a knowledgeable support team dedicated to help if you have any questions about our products you can rest easy. Here at Comfortbilt we pride ourselves in “Building Quality Comforts”  


Power, plain and simple. We've worked hard to become a leader in the pellet stove industry. ComfortBilt has built its reputation on dependable pellet stoves and unmatched customer service. We are backed by our high efficiencies, seriously reliable heat and distinctive styling details along with the best customer reviews and modern innovations. ComfortBilt is sure to add comfort and style to any home. 


At Comfortbilt we offer a large variety of pellet stoves. With our stunning designs, wide range of BTUs, and lower emissions we ensure the customer can choose a product that best fits their needs. Pellet stoves provide an eco-friendly heating alternative to traditional wood heaters that are reliable, durable, and highly efficient. ComfortBilt offers modern features and benefits such as a thermostat mode, eco-mode, as well as a wireless remote. ComfortBilt's mission is to provide the best product and service to all of our customers at a reasonable price. "Building quality comforts" that’s our motto.