AllFuelHST Tee with Cap for 6" Diameter Single Wall Black Stove Pipe


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Our single wall stove pipe is made of carbon steel and is painted black with high temperature paint for a beautiful finish.

The single wall tee with cap is used when your appliances collar is on the back of the appliance and a "clean-out" cap is desired for easy cleaning.

  • Use the single wall tee with cleanout cap when installing a rear vent appliance.
  • Built to last our single wall stove pipe is made of 21 gauge steel which is 9% thicker than 22 gauge steel and 27% thicker than 24 gauge steel
  • Painted with high temperature black paint for a long lasting beautiful finish that won't chip or peel
  • Requires 18" clearance to combustible materials including walls, ceilings, wood mantles, etc. Can not be run through walls, ceilings, and should not be used outside where exposed to the elements.
  • Can be connected to any brand of Class-A insulated chimney pipe.