AllFuelHST 8" Diameter x 18"-30" Telescoping Single Wall Black Stove Pipe


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Our 8" diameter x 18" to 30" telescoping length of single wall black stove pipe allows you to easily adjust the length of pipe to fit.  No cutting necessary.

Adjusts from 18" long up to 30" long.

Single wall stove pipe requires an 18" clearance to combustibles and can not be cut down.

  • Built to last our single wall stove pipe is made of 21 gauge steel which is 9% thicker than 22 gauge steel and 27% thicker than 24 gauge steel
  • Painted with high temperature black paint for a long lasting beautiful finish that won't chip or peel
  • Requires 18" clearance to combustible materials including walls, ceilings, wood mantles, etc. Can not be run through walls, ceilings, and should not be used outside where exposed to the elements.
  • Can be connected to any brand of Class-A insulated chimney pipe.