Parts Care Package


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Sometimes, it can be beneficial to have all the items that could possibly fail on-hand, especially if you live in a very rural area where it may take longer to get a replacement part delivered to you. We offer the Parts Care Package option for this very reason.

This Package includes many of the critical motors, switches and electronic components at half the cost.

What you get in this Care Package:

  • Room Blower Convection Fan ($99 value)

  • Exhaust Fan/Motor Assembly ($99 value)

  • Circuit Board/Motherboard ($99 value)

  • Controller Panel ($99 value)

  • Auger Motor ($99 value)

  • Auger Bit ($79 value)

  • Vacuum Switch ($43 value)

  • Igniter ($41 value)

  • 2 Proof of Fire - Snap disk switches ($20 value)

  • Overheat Sensor ($12 value)

  • 2 Spare fuses ($5 value)

  • Roller-style Hopper Lid Switch (for HP22, HP22N, HP61, and HP21 models)


  • Thermostat/Temperature sensing wire (for HP22I Insert and HP50 models)


We will even include a spare burn pot while supplies last ($50 value)


That is over $700 worth of parts all for $349!