Is the Alpine hp40 small pellet stove right for you?

In this blog, we'd like to cover some of the differences in pellet stove sizes and capacities.  

Comfortbilt is proud of the wide array of pellet stoves in our product line, and today we want to focus on the Alpine HP40 small pellet stove by Comfortbilt. 

Pellet stoves are designed to heat a given square footage. You must know the approximate size of the area you want to heat to ensure you choose a pellet stove with the appropriate heating capacity.

Pellet stoves work best when heating a more open floor plans or a small, well-insulated space. If you have a larger home with many closed-off rooms, a large pellet stove may be what you're looking for.

As we know, pellet stoves require proper venting through an exterior wall, so when you're considering the Alpine HP40 small pellet stove for your garage, cottage, cabin, man cave, or workshop it's important to keep the final location of your pellet stove in mind. 


Pellet stoves also require periodic cleaning and maintenance, which includes removing ash and keeping the burn pot and vent piping free of any obstructions and debris.

Pellet stoves require regular loading of pellets and the HP40 Alpinepellet stove features a 25 pound hopper, which make it ideal for daytime heat, but man not be so good for overnight heat as you may run out of pellets in the hopper.  It's also important to consider the hopper size when thinking of leaving your pellet stove unattended for too long.

If you have a small, well-insulated living space, easy access to wood pellet fuel, and are willing to do the necessary cleaning and maintenance on the pellet stove, a small pellet stove, such as the Alpine HP40, can be an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. 

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