How much electricity does

my pellet stove really use?


Pellet stoves have gained popularity as an efficient and eco-friendly heating solution for homes. One common concern among users is understanding the electricity consumption of a pellet stove, especially given the variety of components involved. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of electricity usage in a pellet stove, focusing on the igniter as the primary electricity consumer.

Understanding Your ComfortbiltPellet Stove's Electricity Usage:

Pellet stoves are powered by electricity, and their consumption varies based on the components and their operational modes. The primary electricity-consuming components in a pellet stove are the igniter, exhaust blower, blower fan, and auger motor.

The Igniter - The Major Electricity Consumer:

The igniter is a crucial component in starting the fire within the pellet stove. It consumes the most electricity during the ignition process, utilizing about 3.9 Amps to initiate the fire. To calculate its electricity usage in kilowatt-hours (KWh), we use the formula: 

Assuming a standard voltage of 120V and an average ignition time of 10 minutes (0.167 hours), the igniter's electricity consumption per cycle can be calculated.  This formula should be relevant for igniters in the majority of pellet stoves.

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Exhaust Blower:

The exhaust blower assists in proper combustion by maintaining airflow. It consumes approximately 0.55 Amps during its operation. Using the same formula, we can calculate its electricity usage in kilowatt-hours during a given time period.

The blower fan helps distribute the warm air generated by the pellet stove burning fuel throughout the living space. It utilizes approximately 0.7 Amps of electricity during its operation, and we can calculate its KWh usage in a similar manner

Auger Motor:

The pellet stoveauger motor is responsible for feeding pellets into the pellet stove's burn pot. It operates in on/off cycles and uses approximately 0.55 Amps during its active periods. Calculating its KWh usage will provide insight into its electricity consumption.

The control panel of the pellet stove operates on a baseline usage of about 0.03 Amps. This power is essential for regulating and controlling the pellet stove's functions. To calculate its KWh usage, we can assume continuous operation over a given period.

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Factors Influencing Electricity Usage:

The electricity usage of a pellet stove can fluctuate based on various factors, including the frequency of ignition cycles, the chosen operational mode (e.g., low, medium, high), and the overall duration of pellet stove usage.

Efficiency and Optimization:

To optimize electricity usage, it's advisable to use your pellet stove judiciously, considering the specific heating requirements and adjusting the operational mode accordingly. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also contribute to the stove's efficiency and, consequently, its electricity usage.


Understanding the electricity usage of a pellet stove is essential for efficient operation and energy management. The igniter stands out as the major electricity consumer, underlining the significance of ignition cycles and operational modes in determining overall electricity consumption. By being mindful of these factors and calculating KWh usage for each component, users can effectively manage and optimize the electricity usage of their pellet stoves while enjoying a warm and cozy living space..

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