tips for selecting the right pellet stove for your home


So you’ve done the analysis, and you’ve made up your mind. You say to yourself; “A pellet stove or pellet stove insert is what I want!” Great choice! There are so many pellet stoves and pellet stove inserts to choose from. Which is the right pellet stove for me? What are the differences between pellet stoves and pellet stove inserts? Why would I want a large hopper vs. a small hopper? In this article, we’ll explore the differences between the pellet stoves in the Comfortbilt product line, and which pellet stove would best fit your needs. We’ll cover the differences when it comes to BTU output, hopper size, heating area and additional performance factors. We’ll also discuss the different styles, colors, and designs that are available in the Comfortbilt pellet stove lineup. Let’s dive right in!

Section 1: Pellet Stove Insert or Freestanding Stove?

Do you have a chimney? Do you want to utilize the space? Do you plan to have someone install the pellet stove for you or wish to install the pellet stove yourself? This topic can get a little bit complicated, so I would refer you to a blog we released in August covering the differences in a freestanding pellet stove or a pellet stove insert. You can view the blog post here:

Comfortbilt pellet stove HP50Burgundy pellet stoves

Section 2: Selecting the Correct Size Pellet Stove for Your Home

Every pellet stove sold in America and Canada must be tested for heat output and BTU rating. These terms may be confusing, so we at Comfortbilt have listed the approximate square footage any given pellet stove can heat in every description of every pellet stove we sell. It is important to stick as close as possible to the figures we publish. Buying a stove that can heat 3,000 square feet, as an example, for a space that is only 1,000 square feet, will make the room much too warm and will not achieve the comfort that Comfortbilt pellet stoves were designed to deliver. Conversely, committing to a pellet stove that is too small for your space will not allow you to adequately heat your home. A small pellet stove trying to heat a large space will also consume a larger amount of pellets than a larger unit running on a lower setting. A handful of other things to consider when deciding on the correct pellet stove size are listed below:


-How tall are your ceilings?

Taller ceilings will require more heat to maintain ambient temperature.

-Where will you place your pellet stove?

Choose a place where the blower fan can push the heat out into open space, and where you will spend a lot of time staying warm and enjoying the flicker of the beautiful fire produced by your pellet stove

-Does your home have ceiling fans to circulate air?

Ceiling fans will move the warm air around and likely help your efficiency

-How many rooms do you wish to heat with 1 pellet stove?

The more rooms you plan to heat, the larger pellet stove you should consider

-How many windows are in the room where the pellet stove will be installed?

Windows are an opportunity for warm air to escape and cold air to enter

-Do you have insulation in the walls of your home?

Insulated walls in your home will give you maximum heat retention for your pellet stove

-How large is the pellet stove's hopper?

A smaller hopper will require you to fill your pellet stove hopper more frequently with pellets. A larger hopper will require less frequency between pellet loads.

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We hope this guide will help you to make an informed decision when choosing a pellet stove for your home. As always, the Comfortbilt team is here to help get you the right pellet stove the first time!

Comfortbilt Pellet Stoves HP21 Series Pellet Stove
HP22NSSBrown pellet stoves by Comfortbilt

Section 3: Aesthetics, design and available colors for Comfortbilt pellet stoves and pellet stove inserts:

ComfortBilt has the largest pellet stove selection of styles, colors and sizes in the USA.

Our pellet stove and pellet stove insert line starts with our Alpine HP40 small pellet stove. Small and compact, this stove can produce heat for up to 1500 square feet. 81% efficiency, with an understated and modern design, this is the pellet stove for people that have cabins, tiny homes or just want to heat their basement. The Alpine HP40 pellet stove comes only in a black color that has been very popular among the Comfortbilt pellet stove product line.

The next up in size would be our extremely popular HP50 pellet stove series. Sleek, stylish and modern are some of the adjectives our customers have used to describe the HP50 pellet stove line. Comfortbilt offers 3 distinct colors in the HP50, so you can match any room, and make the HP50 pellet stove a part of decor.

The HP22 pellet stoves have a bay window style design and come in 6 different colors and trims. The heat output is plenty to heat up to 2,800 square feet under mild conditions. Offered with a stainless steel trim around the burn chamber, the HP22 pellet stove checks all of the boxes for someone looking for a heating solution for their entire home.

The HP22N pellet stoves have a very similar design as the HP22, but the functional difference is a larger hopper capacity of 80 lbs. This feature allows you to enjoy the warmth of your pellet stove longer, without having to refill the hopper as often. The HP22N pellet stoves are also available in different colors and trims. We offer Black, Brown, Burgundy, and stainless steel trims in each color.

The Comfortbilt HP61 pellet stove come in 2 colors (Brown or Charcoal) and the design is a more timeless, traditional cabinet style pellet stove. The HP61 pellet stoves can heat up to 3,000 square feet, which make it the highest heat output pellet stove in our product line at the time of this writing.

The HP22i pellet stove insert is our popular pellet stove insert model. Designed with our HP22 flagship pellet stove in mind, our HP22i pellet stove insert has been one of our top selling pellet stoves since it’s release. The HP22i pellet stove inserts come in either all black or black with stainless steel trim. The specifications are identical to our HP22 pellet stove with the exception of the hopper capacity, which is limited as this is a pellet stove insert, not a freestanding pellet stove.

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