Factors for Pellet Stove Placement

What factors determine pellet stove location?
For maximum enjoyment and heating effectiveness, a major living area where the family spends leisure hours and which provides heat flow to other areas is usually a strongly preferred location for the stove. The pellet heating professional considers the following factors when determining whether installation requirements can be met in the homeowner’s preferred location:

  • Venting. Maybe limited by factors like obstructions above for vertical venting through the ceiling and roof, or by the distance to an outside wall for horizontal venting.
  • Outside air for combustion, if needed. Must be drawn from an approved location.
  • Space requirements. Must meet minimum clearances between the stove and combustibles. More space than the minimum required may be desirable to provide room for convenient operation and service.
  • Electrical requirements. Proximity to a properly wired outlet.

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