Pellet Stoves Compared To Heat Pumps

If you’re considering a new heating system for your home, you could find yourself comparing pellet stoves and heat pumps. Both options have desirable features to suit your heating needs, but there are differences worthy of consideration.

Pellet stoves create heat by burning pellets made of wood or organic material. Pellet stove owners pour pellets into a hopper and regulate the pellet stove’s temperature with an internal thermostat that can be set and left alone for the day. 

Heat pumps work differently than other forms of climate control. Instead of creating heat from a fuel source, heat pumps transfer outside thermal energy into your home using electric power. In nature, heat will move to colder areas to level out overall temperatures. Heat pumps manipulate this process to regulate household temperatures. Because heat pumps rely on natural systems, they are generally more energy-efficient than traditional boilers and furnaces. 

There are two families of heat pumps: ducted and ductless. Traditional (ducted) heat pumps are generally whole-home systems that require extensive duct and electrical work as part of the installation. Installing a ducted heat pump system in an existing home could become a cost-prohibitive process. Ductless heat pumps use a set of units, one outside and one or more inside to heat or cool a room. While ductless heat pumps are easier to install, they don’t provide the same airflow as the ducted option.

In contrast to ducted heat pumps, pellet stoves provide flexible and affordable heating options. Pellet stoves rely on wood pellets as a fuel source and can be used to heat a few rooms or your entire home. While ducted heat pumps traditionally serve as the home’s primary heating source, pellet stoves can operate as the sole heat source or as a secondary option.

Compared to ductless heat pumps, pellet stoves can offer a more robust heating solution that can work as a primary or secondary heat source.

Pellet stoves and heat pumps are both great options for families looking to heat their homes. Ducted heat pumps can be extensive to install but provide efficient heating and cooling throughout the home. Ductless heat pumps are more efficient to install but don’t provide the airflow of their ducted counterparts. Pellet stoves are easier to install than ducted systems while heating all or a portion of your home.

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