Factors for Pellet Stove Placement

What factors determine pellet stove location?
For maximum enjoyment and heating effectiveness, a major living area where the family spends leisure hours and which provides heat flow to other areas is usually a strongly preferred location for the stove. The pellet heating professional considers the following factors when determining whether installation requirements can be met in the homeowner’s preferred location:

  • Venting. Maybe limited by factors like obstructions above for vertical venting through the ceiling and roof, or by the distance to an outside wall for horizontal venting.
  • Outside air for combustion, if needed. Must be drawn from an approved location.
  • Space requirements. Must meet minimum clearances between the stove and combustibles. More space than the minimum required may be desirable to provide room for convenient operation and service.
  • Electrical requirements. Proximity to a properly wired outlet.

What are my choices for floor protection?
The floor must be protected according to the pellet stove manufacturer’s instructions. The minimum size of the noncombustible floor protector is clearly specified in installation instructions. The choice of suitable material usually requires professional assistance, unless a suitable hearth is not already available in the home. Built-in appliances may require an additional layer of protection, such as an air space between the appliance and the floor protector.

What electrical requirements should be checked?

The dealer or installer should check the intended appliance outlet for proper voltage, ground, and polarity. The electrical circuit to be used should have a properly rated circuit breaker.  Are there special requirements for mobile home installations? The model you choose must be approved for use in a mobile home. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) makes additional requirements for solid fuel burning appliances installed in mobile homes which are listed in stove manufacturers’ installation instructions.